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Meant to look like bracelets, these jeweled masterpieces feature decorative covers that can be flipped open or moved aside to reveal the dials of the watches. This Louis Vuitton Tambour Bijou secret watch ($6,150) is realized in steel for a timepiece that’s both highly stylish and reasonably priced. Cartier has unveiled this whimsical 18k gold Tortue secret watch ($97,000), which is designed to resemble a turtle.

Crafted by some of the finest watchmakers in the world, secret watches date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, when women’s timepieces were designed to double as brooches and pendants.
The coil bracelet finishes with a triangular snakehead that lifts to reveal the watch dial. A member of her Secret Service protective detail came in behind him to take the Clintons' only child to school.  'Oh, I’ve got to go.
Kennedy (pictured, right, speaking to Marilyn Monroe in 1962), swimming naked in the pool with other womenHall sais he wasn't asked back to perform his duties for a month.Other presidents figure in Brower's book, including John F.

In the first half of the 20th century, the pieces surged in popularity when they were reimagined for the wrist and were embellished with Art Deco designs.
Today, secret watches offer breathtaking beauty in myriad styles, with flower and animal motifs among the most popular.

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